Executive Assessment

we discover talents

We do believe that people have potential which, if discovered and properly developed, builds their happiness and success of the organization. We look for individual talent in everyone and we teach how to use it in the best way. We use our innovative assessment process, which was developed specifically for business purpose. We hold certificates and licenses for world known evaluation tools.

In perform we created an innovative top down assessment process, which has been successfully implemented in business for many years. As a result, our clients take accurate decisions in terms of personnel, effectively manage employees and plan their development.

We offer competences assessment for individuals which helps to know one’s strengths, development areas and discover how to manage one’s career. It’s commonly used by managers who want to become more successful. Recently personal development is often point of interest of young employees, who want to plan their career path. Individual assessment can be combined with development process based on coaching.

We support executives and HR teams helping them to choose right people to invest in. We create tools to identify talents and we design appraisal systems. We run Assessments/Development Centers. We give support in creating individual development plans.

Development Solutions

we develop competences

We help to create motivated and well-knit teams. We teach how to communicate and cooperate in a better, more effective way. How to manage diversity, share best practice and knowledge and use their daily experience. We support executives in management development. We implement organization culture which fosters reaching targets and building long-term advantage on the market.

We organize complex development programs with elements of workshops, coaching and projects for managers and talents. The objective is an overall and practical development of competences and exchange of experiences in the organization. We combine experience of our consultants with knowledge of internal trainers, experts and university professors. We have collaborated with the Department of Economics at the University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw University of Life Science and University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

Each course or workshop is preceded by research which allows trainers to understand objectives, needs and context of the organization. We are authors of innovative training method®, which provides high effectiveness of teaching through training based on real business situations. We benefit from best practice implemented in business, sports and army. We use simulations, board games and physical activities, offering interesting and quick ways to gain new competences.

We have successful experience in coaching managers who run businesses with thousands of employees and revenue over 1 billion USD. Our coaching processes take usually from 2 to 6 months. The objective is to obtain long lasting change by implementing new practices and solutions, which allow to accomplish goals of the organization. We implement also internal coaching and mentoring systems helping teams to achieve extraordinary results.

Change Management 

we implement changes

We support organizations in goal achievement. We support our clients during change period, we help to work out and implement strategies, we create managerial tools. We promote the small steps approach and constant improvement. That’s how we implement processes, develop people and help companies to grow.

Our experience in change management goes back to 90’s, XX century, when we were accompanying Polish companies during economic transformation. Back then we were supporting executives to transform centrally planned institutions to business focused organizations. Since then, we have led many processes which aimed to implement changes in companies. We have worked for firms and institutions both in Poland and abroad.

Diagnosis is a venture that takes up to several weeks depending on the range of business and complexity of the organization. The objective of this step is to find out what actually works, what doesn’t and what is the reason for that. In this process we engage managers and employees from different departments working on different levels. Our clients particularly appreciate our sincerity and practical approach. Diagnosis is usually the first step in the changing process, however this phase itself brings already effects showing deeper commitment and better cooperation in teams.

Implementation of change is a process that takes up to several months.
Depending on size and character of the company as well as type of changes required this process can take many forms. What our processes have in common is that we involve employees in changing process where they are working out the solutions, we are handing them responsibility for changes which are being implemented. Thanks to that employers can cut costs and built stable and long-term results.
While creating solutions for our clients we base on world known best practices implementing them on Polish market.